The older I get the more I realize  there are season’s in life.  There are season’s to start new things, season’s to move to new places, times to focus on home, a time to expand and time to cut back.  That is life.  I am not sure why I thought otherwise but I am finally starting to “get it!” (as they say)

Today is a new season for the Tea Party Girl blog.  This blog was created lovingly by Jenny Wells, the original Tea Party Girl.  Jenny labored over outstanding articles and building a tea community for two years and then her season changed.  Jenny went on to focus on teaching her kids at home and on writing for new venues.  In the process Tea Party Girl sat on the web like a classic book on a shelf waiting to be reopened.

Last fall Jenny asked me if I would consider buying Tea Party and making it my own.  I was immediately excited about the idea. I had wanted to work with the tea enthusiast for a long time. (I currently work with tea business students teaching them to open their own tea dream.)  This seemed like a perfect fit since love of the tea party is what started my whole tea experience.

Everyone of us is on a journey.  Seasons come and go and we make short stops in the road along the way.  Today I am taking a moment to stop and thank Jenny for her excellent blog foundation. I hope that you will join in the fun here at and that you will put this blog back on your “must read!” list.

There is an exciting season ahead of us!


Let’s Go,

Dawnya Sasse – The New! Tea Party Girl