Dear Tea Lovers,

I have been reading the results of today’s survey.  I always enjoy hearing your thoughts and interests as I press forward in this endevor.  I want to make sure that I tailor this blog to your personal interests and believe me you are making what you want clear!  Thanks.  I look forward to announcing future projects and article focuses shortly.

PLEASE NOTE:  Many requested that I  feature items on this blog focusing on the tea business however that is not what Tea Party Girl is all about. 

This might help:

Tea Party Girl

The focus of the tea party girl blog is “for those who love afternoon tea.”   It focuses on the tea loving hobbiest.  Here you will discover how to host or hostess successful events.  You will also learn about tea (the beverage) and how to prepare great tea party food recipes and menus.

Tea Business Dreams

The focus of tea business dreams blog is “to make your tea dream a reality.”  This blog focuses on becoming a tea business owner and on building your business along the way.   

Occasionally there is cross over.  Why wouldn’t there be?  It’s all about tea!  But if you specifically are wanting more tea business information, inspiration and conversation, head over to the Tea Business blog. 

Both blogs have been around since 2007 so there is alot of content if you just start digging!

KEY:  Webinars offered always invite people from ALL Catagories of tea.  They are usually business or income making in focus because most people dream of having their hobb