Oh, that you could knock on my door and enter. The fire would be lit with a set tea table in front of it. The house would smell like gingerbread and we could talk heart-to-heart with our feet curled under us on the couch, holding our steaming cups of tea. We could laugh or cry or both depending on where the conversation went. I’ll play some Vince Guaraldi to add to the mood and turn on the Christmas tree lights. The three-tiered tray would be packed with nibbles including peppermint kisses, roasted almonds, and pomegranate and chocolate-cheese tarts. If you’re not a tea-totaler, I may even pour you a glass of bubbly and we can toast to new life; that we don’t have to live where it is always winter and never Christmas. How does that sound?

My wishes to you for a MERRY Christmas, no matter your circumstances, family dynamics, or personal challenges. That you may be able to welcome others into your home with generosity, calm, and gladness. May the material riches and blessings so many of us know not crowd out the simple Christmas story; that the best gifts of all often come in simple quietness with no celebrity.

May the earth and our hearts know the Prince of Peace this season.

Merry Christmas, dear readers! I’ll be back once the children have recovered.