One of my favorite bloggers is Brocante Home Chronicles and this week I discovered her list of puttery treats, what she calls “a scrumptious little collection of ideas”. Though some of her language needs a Brit to interpret, you will definitely find some homemaking inspiration. And like me, you may be so inspired you choose to enter her Puttery Treats Challenge this autumn.


Take the BrocanteHome Puttery Treats Challenge Today!

Plays with Fire and I are taking a long weekend to meander through one of Northern California’s many wine regions and nestle ALONE in the town of Murphys at the Dunbar House. By the time this post goes live, all children should be dispersed to the appropriate grandparents and friends and we should be well on our way. I hope to stop in and visit Tea Eras when we pass Sutter Creek. And I’ll be sure to share during the next Talk about Tuesday any other simple and beautiful treasures I find along the way.

In the meantime, I didn’t yet post about the carnivals I participated in this week. They’re always worth a look, as you may find some simple and beautiful inspiration among the other bloggers who enter. This week you can find Tea Party Girl at:


Tea Party Girl’s spot for her book and teapot this weekend at The Dunbar House in Murphys, CA

See you on the other side~