This week’s theme at Gracious Hospital-i-tea (click the image above to meet our hostess and learn more) is to share tea from a perspective of literature or to share a favorite tea book! If I didn’t write a blog about the tea party, I would probably write about books. I read, A LOT. More than I clean my home, go to the movies, or even (sometimes) interact with family and friends. Tea and books naturally go together; I think because both quietly slow us down and help us make friends with ourselves, an invaluable life skill.


Since starting Tea Party Girl last June, I’ve shared many of my favorite “Tea Reads“, including treasured fictional tea scenes. My all-time favorite is from The Hobbit, when Bilbo ends up hosting a secret meeting with the dwarfs right at teatime. Be sure to click on the title to read the entire post. And then there’s my favorite movie, Miss Potter, ABOUT a literature writer who because of her time in history and place in society observed afternoon tea often. The movie scenes are full of beautiful, Victorian afternoon tea settings.

Choosing a favorite tea-centric book proves much more challenging, so I trust no one will accuse me of cheating if I list my top seven tea-related book posts from Tea Party Girl’s history. In order to reach the post where I discuss the book, click on the book’s title.

The New Tea Companion by Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson (Know Your Tea Party Experts #1)

The Way to Tea by Jennifer Sauer (The Way to Tea–A Book Review)

Tea Celebrations by Alexandra Stoddard (A Few Tea Quotes for Your Weekend)

Tea with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson (How to Take Tea with Jane Austen)

Tea and Etiquette: Taking Tea for Business and Pleasure and Children’s Tea and Etiquette: Brewing Good Manners in Young Minds by Dorothea Johnson (Know Your Tea Party Experts #3)

Tea Party by Tracy Stern (Is it a Party with Tea or a Tea Party?)

Tea in the City: New York by Elizabeth Knight and Bruce Richardson and Tea with Friends by Elizabeth Knight (Know Your Tea Party Experts #2)

I’m looking forward to participating in as many weeks of the Tea Blog-a-Thon as possible. I trust you all had a beautiful Easter weekend. I celebrated with family in worship, feast, and play. It reached over 70 degrees here in Northern California and the sun shone brilliantly! I’m so thankful spring always comes!

If you end up participating in the tea blog-a-thon at your blog, would you tell us in our comments here? I would love to visit your Litera-tea entry, too.

What’s your favorite tea-related book?