Just in case you need some interpretation, TMI these days means Too Much Information.

Now, mainly because my New England-bred mother reads this blog, I’m not REALLY going to tell you about my PMS struggles or the last time my toilet was cleaned. But I WILL tell you I’m fully aware my posts have been light on the tea and heavier on the personal the last few days. The main reason for that is I find them the easiest to write when life is nuts. And life is nuts. Not as in my friend-recovering-from-a-double-mastectomy nuts. Or another woman I know pregnant-with-her-eighth-child nuts. But it’s my version of nuts. And I’m struggling under the weight of it.

So for those of you waiting for Christmas decorating posts or your book reviewed, they are coming. In the meantime, my blogging friend, Steph, is blogging about her tea-themed trip to Chicago. Her post on taking tea at the Drake is picture-rich and worth a read, especially if you’ve never gone. And for the record? I just love that Steph can give a tea talk and go home to dress-up like a punk witch. Here’s to the next generation of afternoon tea drinkers!

Speaking of afternoon tea drinking fans, Risa at The ParTea Planner doesn’t post often because she’s so busy throwing these incredible O.C. tea parties. But I keep up with what she’s up to. She recently posted about the most incredible 1-year old’s birthday tea party she organized.

But the real reason I want to show her off? Because of this picture even New England sensibilities will laugh at. Be sure to scroll down past her beautiful header. You MUST check it out. (Doodah, I’m really glad your media fast is over for this one).

Just don’t read the comment I posted. It’ll blow my cover for sure. 😉