Over the life of this blog, my plan is to gather some of the best tea party recipes from many sources here at Tea Party Girl and organize them into menus for your use. I personally, do not enjoy baking, as explained here~but many lovers of tea do bake and are quite good at it. (In fact, it is my personal opinion that you cannot be in the traditional tea room business and NOT love to bake and cook.)

One of the best tea room blogs I have found so far is from a darling place in Connecticut, T-Party Antiques, that I certainly hope to visit someday. Recently, Susan chronicled one of their recipes, T-Party Brownie Cakes, with pictures included. Pop on over for a little inspiration. Imagine sharing a salad-size plate of these brownie cakes with a pot of Caramel for Hobbits (one of Tea Party Girl’s best sellers) with a dear friend surrounded by the summer flower garden on an 80 degree day (that’s with no humidity, southern folk…). Now that’s what I call a perfect afternoon.