Now I can’t claim this is the most flattering picture of me, but I posted it none-the-less. Look past my beach hair quickly stuffed under the hat to attend afternoon tea and notice the chair I am sitting on.

Vintage Tea Leaf of Long Beach ~your chairs are the most comfortable chairs any tea room has ever offered us! My darling 60-plus mother thanks you and I do, too!

Visiting Southern CA meant there were many tea room choices for mom and I. Thankfully, we stumbled onto this one. We’d heard some mixed reviews, but took the plunge and are so glad we did!

Sight~Vintage Tea Leaf’s tea mistress, Beverly, knows her art and thankfully, I’m beginning to as well. Large, beautifully framed prints of Vermeer, Renoir, and Leonardo, just to name a few, filled the walls.

Sound~ahhhh, a peaceful tea room. The music did not distract, but most of all, neither did the other customers! The room was not large, but they had resisted the temptation to cram seating into every nook and cranny. This allowed Mom and I to relax and enjoy our own conversation without knowing much about those around us!

Touch~as I mentioned, the large, upholstered, wing-backed chairs completely wooed us. Beautiful linens are one of tea time’s greatest luxuries. No glass coverings on the tables at this establishment!

Taste~the chilled-mango-papaya-peach-chardonnay soup highlighted our delicious meal that included scones, sandwiches, salad, and of course, a pot of tea.

Smell~French Vanilla Amaretto Bundt Cake for dessert. Need I say more? Yes, I must, for it came incredibly moist with in-season fresh strawberries to accompany it.

Best of all, Vintage Tea Leaf knows tea. A large portion of their tea room was set aside for the tea preparation in full view of the customers with each tea (I believe there were over 100) stored properly in matching silver canisters. This protects the tea from moisture, heat, and light which is so important to flavor and freshness. Beverly welcomed us with a piping hot pot immediately.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood and can stop by for tea~plan extra money and time for their incredible gift shop as well. Personally, I indulged in a new teacup and book, but I think even my “die-by-coffee” friends would drool over the Parisian-style handbags.