As an avid Tea Party Girl I am always on the lookout for something “new and fun.” Today I want to share with you a new website and etsy store called Tea Party Whimsy.

Tea Party Whimsy is the brainchild of Hannah Cotton.  Hannah is a tea specialist, a ceramic student and a crafter of the whimsical. She is a graduate of Start A Tea

Her etsy store is filled with fun tea party headbands, tea shirts, tea banners and more.  Hannah is located in Conway, Arkansas and is hoping to open a full fledged tea store in the near future.

One of my favorite items is her hand painted “tea party” banner that can be hung inside or outside.  This would be perfect for a unique garden party where you share your favorite iced tea with your closest friends.

I highly recommend you check out her website and her Etsy store.  If you have kids her headbands might be just the right thing for that little girl who wants to sip tea with mommy!

Check it out at