Your guest’s invitations have arrived in the mail. On the front of the card is a black and white picture of a young girl with her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. They are all smiling, and standing next to each other. Inside the card, the announcement is for a tea party at your home – but not just any tea party – a generations tea party.

If you’ve never heard the term before, a generations tea party is a gathering of young and old members from the same families to celebrate togetherness and – of course – tea! When your guests enter your tea store, they will be delighted to see how you have decorated.

If you want to make a lasting impression set up tables with beautiful rose centerpieces in the middle. You can then circle the area around the roses with empty picture frames. These frames can later be used as gifts for your guests.

You see, as each family enters, you can snap a digital picture of them standing together. Later, as they leave the tea party, you can give them their picture to put into the frame. What a lovely gift that they will be able to enjoy forever!

Mothers, daughters, and grandmothers will enjoy just about any types of tea that you choose serve at your party. It would be in your best interests, however, to provide your guests with a sampling of both caffienated and non caffienated teas.  (such as a nice English Afternoon and a Earl Grey Rooibos)

Be careful to think of variety as the youngest generation may prefer lemonade to tea.

And, don’t forget about the food. The last thing you would want is your guests to be left hungry!

You can serve a wide variety of tea sandwiches and delectable treats for all to enjoy. Cucumber sandwiches on several types of breads are a common snack served at tea parties. However, you can be even more creative and serve broiled fig and Gorgonzola finger sandwiches.

Or, how about almond mushroom chicken & cream cheese tea sandwiches, asparagus and Prosciutto tea sandwiches, chicken pate tea sandwiches, or chicken salad tea sandwiches. Your creativity with food will compliments the teas that you serve as well as impress the guests.

Last, but not least, how do almond shortcake cookies, sponge cake filled with raspberry crème, Boston crème pie, carrot cake, and chocolate hazelnut torte sound to you?

If your answer is “heavenly”, then chances are, this is what your guests will think as well!

During your generation tea party, you will need entertainment. What better form of entertainment than to have everyone at the table talk about one of the greatest events in history that they have lived through?

This will provide an open forum for discussion about history, and it will give the younger generations an opportunity to learn firsthand about the past.

Chances are that a young girl will always keep the memory of her grandmother describing life during the depression or during World War II.

And she will remember that your tea party gave her the opportunity to hear this history.