Most of us who are involved with tea have a passion for all-things-tea. There are lots of blogs and websites about tea the beverage. A lot of people compare tea to coffee when it is more accurate to compare it to wine. (The reason for this involves another post).

Tea Party Girl loves tea, the beverage, and loves the tea party most of all. Meaning, the focus of this site is the hospitality of the traditional tea party, most often attributed to the English, while elevating the beverage, tea, to its proper status. (I continue to be amazed how many people plan the tea party without serving fabulous tea).

If you’re looking for more in-depth information about the beverage, tea, here’s a few sites I recommend:


Tea on Tap 

Adventures in Tea and Wine

Tea Guy Speaks 

With hope you find time this weekend for a spot of tea,

Tea Party Girl