In a small theater in London’s West End, I discovered Agatha Christie.  Her mystery play “The Mousetrap” has been running continually since it opened 1952.   It’s surprise ending reminds the audience that a great writer can always surprise you.   When the curtain closed.. I was officially a die hard Agatha Christie fan.

The last 13 years my life has been devoted to all things tea.   I quickly discovered that not only was Ms. Christie an avid tea drinker but she often wrote about it in her books. (she wrote 80 stories and plays in all!)

Here is a fun quote from “And Then There Were None


“Will you pour out tea, Miss Brent?’ The el­der wom­an replied: ‘No, you do it, dear. That tea-​pot is so heavy. And I have lost two skeins of my grey knitting-​wool. So an­noy­ing.’ Ve­ra moved to the tea-​ta­ble. There was a cheer­ful rat­tle and clink of chi­na. Nor­mal­ity returned. Tea! Blessed or­di­nary everyday af­ter­noon tea! Philip Lom­bard made a cheery re­mark. Blore re­spond­ed. Dr. Arm­strong told a hu­mor­ous sto­ry. Mr. Jus­tice War­grave, who or­di­nar­ily hat­ed tea, sipped ap­prov­ing­ly.


Agatha Christie actually wrote a short story entitled “A Pot Of Tea” starring her young detectives Tommy and Tuppence in her collection “Partners in Crime.”


If hosting your own Agatha Christie tea party consider the following suggestions:


#1 The 1957 version of “Witness for the Prosecution” is fantastic.  Gather your friends around the flat screen,  sip tea and drink in the mystery.  This play had a surprise ending that is sure to start avid discussions amongst your guests.

#2 Serve a hearty English Afternoon blend like Albert Square Blend from

#3 Make classic English scones as described in detail at the Joy of  Follow this link for a video and written instructions.

#4 Before the end of the film, ask your guests to write out “who done it” and drop it in a hat.  Read the conclusions aloud, watch the end of the film and allow time to discuss.

An Agatha Christie tea party can be memorable without being complicated.


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