Dear Tea Lovers,

Are you looking for a crazy fun tea party that people won’t EVER stop talking about?  If so, you will want to host a “70’s Tea Time.”   The following post is filled with seventies themed ideas that you can customize for your own group.


Loud print paper is required.  Print your invitations on your computer and send them off in yellow or clear velum envelopes for all to see.  You can also order customized and crazy invitations from Invitation Box online.  Check out these fun invites.

No time for the traditional?  Send a 70’s evite.   This 70’s or retro inspired invitation comes in their email.


Let’s Play Dress Up:

Halloween is a great time to get adults to dress in costume but actually a 70s party invites year round costume fun.  Here are a few suggestions for your guests wardrobe. (remember your guests may need suggestions since many of them may not remember the 1970’s)

Loud, polyester prints with full-flared pants

Open shirts with gold chain medallions (men only please 🙂

White three piece suits ala Saturday Night Fever

Power Pumps (high soled shoes)

Mini dresses with wild, colorful prints.   Thigh high boots.

Polyester evening gowns that cling

Gunny Sack lace dresses



Assorted finger food and vintage candy will keep your guests chatting.  Here are just a few:

Charleston Chews, Bazooka Gum, Necco Wafers, Slo Pokes, Hot Dog Gum, Saf T Pops, Flipsticks, Long Boys, Teaberry Gum, Razzles, Satellite Wafers, Bit-O-Honey, Atomic Fireballs, Caramel Creams, Mary Jane’s, Black Taffy, Tootsie Rolls, Dad’s Root beer Barrels, Candy Buttons, Smarties, Chuckles, Candy Cigarettes, Nestle Crunch, Dots, Gobstoppers, Now and Laters, Pixy Sticks, Fun Dip, Indian Brand Pumpkin Seeds, Smiley Face Gumballs, Freshen Up Gum, Pop Rocks, Chick-O-Stick, Fizzies, Dubble Bubble Gumballs, Boston Baked Beans, and Bonomo Turkish Taffy.   Here’s where to get the pack:

Try these rainbow recipes for lots of fun.

Try these rainbow cupcakes in a jar as a favor

Ready to have your guests talking?  Make some rainbow fluff and while you are at it, add some tea instead of water.


Iced tea in crazy, swirly colors is lots of fun too.


Disco the night away…. have a dance instructor show you the hustle!

Name that 70’s tune

Compete for best costume with a That 70’s – Retro Fashion Show

Watch M*A*S*H or All in the Family episodes

Do a “Gong Show” and have your guests compete with their craziest talent. (shy group?  Assign their talent by table)


Prizes or Favors:

Eight track tapes sprayed glitter gold! (these make great trophy’s)

Blu-Ray 70s shows or DVD sets – Adam 12, Bewitched, Bob Newhart Show, Brady Bunch, Dukes of Hazard



This is where the fun starts.  Gather those gody tablecloths, bedspreads and sheets from the thrift store and toss them everywhere!  You can use them as chair and table covers.  Pick up old records, song books, album covers, magazines and newspapers and spread them throughout the party room.  Album covers make great centerpieces or decorative trays.  Product ads can be used for trivia games or advertisement sing-a-longs.

Lava lamps, disco balls and black lights can be rented or borrowed and placed throughout the area.  (talk about a flash back!)


Hope you feel inspired to get your “groove” on,



Teagirl (born in the 70’s)