Are you about to have a tea party? If so, you have the opportunity to captivate your guests with display teas. If you are a very serious tea drinker, you will know what display teas are. These specialty types of teas are also known as artesian or flowering teas. Meant to enhance the experience of the wonderful drink of tea, display teas provide entertainment at tea parties all around the world.

The art of display teas has been around for thousands of centuries. The very first time that a display tea was used was during the Song Dynasty. Tea leaves were tied up with flowers for the Emperor’s entertainment. He never drank the tea, however. It was merely a visual enjoyment.

Display teas have only been made for consumption purposes during the last few decades. Artists who have a great amount of talent pick out lovely flowers and long tealeaves. These tealeaves are then withered, rolled up, oxidized, and fired. Artists then take great care to sew the flowers and the tea together. The result produced is beautiful display teas.

Many display teas are hand-sewn rosettes of tea leaves that, when steeped, bloom into dazzling and elegant shapes right inside your teacup. What an excellent conversational piece for a tea party! Your guests will be absolutely delighted with such a treat. Different display teas have all different types of tastes – from sweet to rich, and from subtle to bold.

Now that you know what display teas are, let’s take a closer look at some types of these teas look and taste like. One type of popular display tea is Queen Victoria Flower tea. This type of tea is from China, and is flavored with Chrysanthemum. There are several blooms that are enclosed in the flower, and during steeping they are released. Imagine the soft, flowery taste of this enchanting tea delighting all of the guests at your party.

Another type of display tea is Jasmine Silver Balls. This is also a type of tea from China. Very light green in color, it has a delicate Jasmine flavoring to it. These tea balls are hand rolled and hand-tied. When steeped, they open up into a flower-like blossom.

Black Sea Anemone is another fine display tea that is made in China. It hails from the province of Anhui. Black Sea Anemone is crafted into tiny wheels, with each wheel containing about two hundred hand-tied buds. When these buds are infused with water, the leaves blossom out into the shape of sea anemones. Black Sea Anemone happens to be a black tea, however, it is nearly impossible to over-steep. It can be steeped for over five minutes without becoming bitter! Furthermore, it can be infused over and over again. It is sure to be an exciting drink for your guests to taste!

Display teas, in general, can be brewed longer and do not become bitter when they have an extended steeping. Longer brewing time will also allow you to enjoy the flowers and other shapes opening up in your cup.

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