Always be prepared!  It’s time to make that your tea party motto! It’s not hard to get ready for a tea party but many people don’t bother because they never take time to prepare.  This classic Tea Party Girl article will give you the basics for getting ready for your big day!



Gather everything you need and store it in one place. I store mine in a large plastic storage box. Here’s a list of what I keep in my “tea tote” so I am prepared for a simple afternoon tea. This is for at least four people and includes sitting at a tea table. I often serve a pot of tea and a little-touch-of-something to a friend or two in my kitchen as well. I don’t pull my tea tote out for that.

  1. Tea or luncheon size napkins. These are cloth and probably had to be ironed. If they’re the slippery polyester kind or dinner-size, I don’t use them for afternoon tea.
  2. Table CLOTH, ironed and ready to go.
  3. Silverware. If you use dessert or salad-size plates and regular-size butter knives, I highly recommend investing in knife rests.
  4. Teacups
  5. Salad-size plates
  6. Flower vase
  7. TEA-spoons
  8. Teapot and warmer
  9. Cream-and-sugar set (that I thankfully said yes to when Grandma offered.)
  10. Water glasses (because everyone in CA always wants water).

Other options you might consider include:

  • menu-board
  • paper doilies
  • napkin rings
  • favors
  • CD
  • Place cards

Collect over time, practice and before you know it, your tea party will be simple and beautiful.


Tea Party Girl Asks: What would your tea party box hold?  Comment and let us know.