This morning, as I turned over the calendar page to my birthday month, I delighted in viewing the above picture. Thank you, Mary Englebreit.

I remember a time in life when I scoffed at the simple life relishing quiet moments and uncomplicated beauty. I lived on adrenalin, sought the thrills, and disdained those who weren’t seeking to change the whole world.

But then MY world changed unexpectedly, suffering entered (as it does to almost all of us sooner or later), and I sought the simple life.

Because as a fellow sufferer stated, “Beauty is the only thing that helps”.

Yes, beauty soothes the soul. I find the majority of those who enter my home need the balm of beauty as well. And there are a few beauties I seek to include in everyday life. One is observing nature and the changing seasons and the other is taking tea. As a result, I commit to growing flowers and maintaining a tea table ready at a moment’s notice.

In winter, the tea table lives in the living room, covered with linen and candles, ready to welcome time with a friend. When the weather breaks, the table will move outside. Chairs for lounging over needing to sit up straight are essential. The memories of children’s tea parties can be rekindled (or made with the children in your life) and cracks in the brightly colored ceramic pot add character. (‘Course we’ve all graduated from mud pies to REAL chocolate delights, haven’t we?).

Can one think of a better gift than lingering talks with a dear friend over a pot of tea and plate of treats?

Consider keeping an eye out for a “proper” afternoon tea table, one that is low, like the picture above to add this simple gift to yourself and others. Sometimes a friend across the table isn’t available, but remember a good book or time with your journal always is.



By Jenny Wells