Luticia (no url), recently left a comment here at Tea Party Girl I thought might be helpful to others:

Hello! Love your site – just found it today! My question is: can you brew your tea in the pot or kettle the water was boiled in? Or are they supposed to be only for boiling the water? I’ve just wondered if a teapot was always necessary. Thank you!

No, Luticia, a teapot is not always necessary. I currently use my Bodum Glass Stovetop Kettle to boil the water and brew my tea. I use T – Sac # 4 (100 filters) to hold my looseleaf tea so there’s plenty of room for the tea leaves to expand.

It can be a little tricky because when I take the lid off after the water’s boiling I have to watch out for the hot steam. But it is easier to skip the teapot brewing step, though I do transfer the tea to my carafe to keep it hot once I’ve brewed it.

The teapot addition to a daily tea ritual or tea party mainly serves an aesthetic purpose, like all tableware. Serving tea from a tea kettle just wouldn’t be the same as pouring from a favorite teapot. But remember, the most important part of serving tea is making a plan to keep it hot, either with a tea warmer , cozy, or carafe. No teapot is beautiful enough for serving lukewarm tea.

Does that help? Anyone want to add a different perspective?