I write this post today with two eager children on either side of me and two strange men pounding the floor above my head (it’s carpet installing day). It’s Daddy’s birthday and our family Christmas shopping day. I’m still in my pjs and haven’t cleaned the kitchen since making the birthday brunch. My living room looks like a laundry basket of mattresses, sheets, and pillows from last night’s family slumber party. This is today’s reality. But at least I’m accepting it with a cup of Tiger Eye tea in my thin-lipped mug.

I wanted to first say thanks for the comments you left over the weekend. Still thinking through some things, but have no plans to abandon this pursuit. I’ll keep you “posted” (pun intended). Here’s a few random thoughts for now:

  • It’s been a goal of mine to reach 100 subscribers. I plateaued at 80 a number of weeks ago. From the comments left, I realize many of my readers don’t subscribe to blogs. I still hope to reach 100, so if you DO subscribe to blogs and haven’t subscribed here, please do by pressing the purple button at the top of my sidebar. It really is a great way to organize your reading instead of having to visit your favorite blogs to check in.
  • It’s great to hear that you enjoy the practical and inspirational tone of the blog. Inspirational writing comes more naturally for me, and I wouldn’t want to stick to just the facts.
  • One of my plans is to offer a podcast soon for those who enjoy listening to information, possibly instead of reading. It’s amazing how many people I run into who just don’t take time to read. Hopefully this will help others access information and inspiration for hosting their hospitality events. Stay tuned!

Since beginning this blogging journey, I’ve so enjoyed learning about the many talents, personalities, and angles represented by bloggers; including many of you. It’s one of the reasons I participate in carnivals and every Tuesday let you know about them. Tea Party Girl doesn’t fit in all of them, but following these links can be great way to learn quickly some of who else is out there. This week you can find Tea Party Girl at A Snowy Carnival for SaHMs and Seeking Rest in the Ancient Paths (Kendra, are you out there? It’s a homeschooling mom of eight with one bathroom!). Lara at The Lazy Organizer makes it super-easy to participate with her Talk about Tuesdays. The topic can be anything! So feel free to jump on the blogging-carnival-train.

But, of course, I recommend this all in light of the questions I always ask myself and you. Are you spending your time on what brings life to yourself and others? How’s your December plan going? Are your expectations for yourself too high? Keeping your blood sugar steady? Getting enough sleep and drinking enough water (tea)?

Today I leave you with a great tea quote sent my way this week:

“The pleasures of afternoon tea run like a trickle of honey through English literature from Rupert Brooke’s wistful lines on the Old Vicarage at Grantchester to Miss Marple, calmly dissecting a case over tea cakes at a seaside hotel.” –Stan Hey

I know there’s more to life than great literature and fabulous tea, but I do love the few days I get to live like it’s true. No, today is definitely not one of those days.