And Wow~

Wow, oh wow. It is great to hear from so many tea lovers and explorers! Thanks for your comments! I will get to your questions step-by-step. In the meantime, the contest runs until 1pm PST on Friday. Anyone who leaves a comment on any post this week will be entered into the drawing. It’s not too late!

Now. Where were we? Oh yes, we were planning the August Tea Party Event. Here’s what’s been accomplished so far:

  1. Decided on the theme:A Sea-Spa Tea
  2. Made the guest list and sent invitations (phone calls AND snail-mail invites)
  3. Planned the menu, got feedback, and made adjustments

For those of you who are interested, a copy of the shopping list can be found here. Before I list this week’s goals, I want to make a quick check-in with the budget.

I’ve budgeted $10 per guest and there will be ten of us. Some might think $100 too much. If that’s the case, I could whittle it down by preparing more of my own food, not including favors, etc. Our local tearoom charges $18.95/guest for the LIGHT tea (what I’m serving) and this doesn’t include tax and tip (or a favor). So I think $10/guest is a bargain. It’s all perspective.

It’s amazing, however, how quickly it adds up. I spent, including postage, around $10 on the invites. One dollar per guest~gone.

Yesterday, I spoke with a bakery about the scones. I asked them if they would split the HUGE scones they sell in half if I ordered one dozen each of two kinds. Yes, they said, at $1.60/each. I say sure, walk away and realize~wait $1.60×24=$33.20. My money’s almost half gone and I’ve only purchased invites, mailed them and ordered the scones. This isn’t going to work! I canceled the order.
I’ll share with you tomorrow what I decided to do instead. I’m still committed to throwing this party without spending significant time baking.

In the meantime, here is this week’s to do list:

  1. Order tea
  2. Decide if I will need help serving and find it
  3. Gather the place settings for the ten guests and make sure I have everything
  4. See if any silver needs to be polished and polish it
  5. Make decision about centerpiece
  6. Make decision, purchase, and assemble favors
  7. Make place-cards
  8. Gather and prepare all linens
  9. Decide what to wear
  10. Make plans with Tech Wise Guy (formerly known as Plays with Fire) for children
  11. Plan the music

Now, if any of you look at this list and feel over-whelmed, I want to hear about it. Remember, my goal is to help you prepare a Beautiful and SIMPLE afternoon tea. Please leave a comment so I can know what you’re thinking.

My list for this week is a little ambitious because I am on vacation. Mommy vacation that is. Thanks to two sets of incredible healthy, local, and loving grandparents as well as Boy Scout camp, my children are not here this week. I’m using it for many reasons~to prep for the new school year, to have a vacation at home with the man who helped make these children, as well as time to stare off the back deck into space.

Remembering, staring into space with a large glass of iced tea is an essential July activity.