Because I must believe I’m not the only one.

You see, many of you are perfectly content with and competent putting together darling, theme-appropriate, and within budget crafty items for your parties. You don’t mind the time you spend scouring the dollar bins and hunching over your glue gun. A little ribbon, a gauzy bag, and voila’! You create magic.

HOWEVER. Out of sheer necessity, I have had to come up with different options for tea party favors. Here is a list of my three favorite choices.

  1. Adagio Tea wedding favors for the large group tea party. These tea wedding favors are not for weddings alone! For less than two dollars you receive YOUR choice of looseleaf tea in a tin WITH a personalized label IN an organza bag of your color choice. I think that’s a bargain! There’s TWENTY-NINE different teas to choose from including blacks, whites, greens, oolongs, decafs, AND herbals. A minimum order of sixty is required and the more you buy the more the price goes down. Imagine the time you’ll save letting Adagio assemble your favors for you when you need a large amount. I think these would be especially helpful for the fund-raising tea or any tea party where you sell tickets and the favor cost is included in your budget.
  2. Dover Thrift Paperbacks for the small group tea party. I’ve written often at Tea Party Girl how well literature and tea go together. And for just a couple of dollars each, you can purchase entire classics or anthologies in paperback, like this one by Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass: The Original 1855 Edition. Your local bookstore could order them for you so you can save on the shipping. The Jane Austen tea party is very popular right now (though you may want to think twice about inviting the history purist) and you can provide one of her novels to your guests as a simple and beautiful favor. You may want to take the time to design a book cover for them that ties more into your theme with the date of your event included for a special memento. That wouldn’t take too much creativity, would it?
  3. Sugars by Sharon for wholesalers. I love, love, love these sugars. In fact, I am tempted to begin stocking these again just for Tea Party Girl readers because I like them SO much and know you would, too. If you have a wholesalers license and want to work with Sharon, do. She is extremely attentive and accommodating while running her cottage industry. She will prepare sugars for you in any color combination in practically any shape AND design you a personal label. You may find her sugars at your local tea room, but must be a wholesaler to order from her directly. Here’s a picture of the sugars I ordered back when I was Wellspring Tea to give you an idea. Aren’t they darling?


Please let me know in the comments which of these three suggestions appeals to you the most.