Are you prepared to serve tea to yourself, a friend, or guests at a moment’s notice? On a consistent basis? Is it only a box of teabags from the cupboard or break room that you can’t serve with confidence?

Tuesday’s Simple Tea Tip is to find a loose-leaf tea you love and always have it on hand.

Tea can be like wine in its nuances and available choices. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the wine aisle, but now know at least one wine you like, you know you can learn the tea culture, too, with its many varieties.

What is your tea equivalent of stocking a bottle you know is consistently good for the times that call for serving yourself or others something simple but special?

If you are new to loose-leaf tea, as most Americans are, consider starting with Adagio’s sampler for only $11 of six flavored black teas, as flavored blacks are a popular starting place.

Sample and find one tea you love to share with yourself and others.