In one day!

As I ran off to beautiful Sierra County last Friday, I received not one, but TWO packages filled with surprises for Tea Party Girl.

The first came as a result of participating in my first swap through The Partea Planner. My new blogging friend, Robin of Pensieve, was my partner. She sent me a box filled with treats, each individually wrapped. The presents were based on the swap’s theme in honor of our hostess: P.A.R.T.E.A. She sent me a description of the box contents on a beautiful hand-stamped card. I took a picture of it, though it came out blurry (Sigh-I’ll learn, I’ll learn…)



Pretty Lemon Tea Cookies and Mint Julip Tea

Assorted Hand-stamped Note-cards (thank you for the tea-themed ones, Robin!)

Robin’s Handmade Butter Mints and Raspberry Tea (the butter mints were a hit with the children, as you can imagine!)

Tea Time Magnetic List Pad

Emilie Barnes Gift of “Canned Questions”

A Mary Englebreit “Christmas Ideas” craft book (with a reference to page 9-a teapot ornament)

Saucers and teacups times two (she sent two! And I don’t think ‘S’ was part of the theme. So I received a double-portion!)

As Tea Party Girl, it touches me to connect with a new friend this way. It reminds me of the thrill of the old-fashioned pen-pals of childhood. Unfortunately, we can’t connect over a pot of tea in real life. But despite the distance (she lives in Tennessee) we shared a piece of our hearts with one another through gifts (and tea-themed gifts at that!). I treasured it! Thank you, Robin. (To see the package she received from me, be sure to visit her blog’s post on the swap. We both sent something related to Mary Englebreit to each other~very fun!)

As well, Mom graciously included me in the World Tea Expo as much as possible. I received a package from her as well! We read a ton in our family and she filled the package with tea reads. (The ribboned box you see in both of the following pictures is the scone mix Mom received as a gift during the tea with Jane Pettigrew. I look forward to trying it!)


This package of tea reads included a copy of the Tea House Times, Tea Time Magazine, Tea and Coffee Magazine, the World Tea Expo main publication and an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Tracy Stern’s new book, “Tea Party”.


Tracy exhorts us to enjoy life, drink tea, and celebrate often. I found her book user-friendly with simple, modern ideas to include tea (properly chosen and brewed, I want to add) in celebrations and parties. The Summer Picnic Tea Party inspired me enough to plan a tea party gathering for my friends with birthdays in July and August.

Thank you again, Robin and Mom, for a lovely Tea Party Package Day.