If you could only afford to buy one looseleaf tea to have on hand, which would it be?


This year, I stopped purchasing tea to resell for a number of reasons, and my stash of black tea has dwindled down to my last few pots. This of course means I have to begin purchasing tea again at retail prices (!) and become a little more choosy about what I decide to drink. My mother brought Quangzhou Milk Oolong tea on vacation and I REALLY liked it, but would not have chosen it for myself, especially at $120 a pound. (Don’t forget, that still equals less than $1 per cup AND it can be infused more than once.) Like wine, the choices can be overwhelming and one can wonder, is the $40 bottle truly better than the $7 bottle and is it worth it?

So I would love to hear from you, Readers. What is your favorite looseleaf tea? What do you reach for again and again? How would you describe it to others? Please leave a comment this weekend and tell me what you know.