If you received this month’s copy of Teatime Magazine, you were treated to the article, A Fine Legacy, filled with pictures and descriptions of each of the ten teacups representing the past ten decades of Royal Albert China. Royal Albert is part of Royal Doulton, with Old Country Roses as probably its most famous pattern.

Personally, I went nuts over one of the decades’ cups. I thought the pattern was perfectly “me”. I’ll tell you which one is my favorite in a minute. (Mom, I bet you can guess). I’m curious how YOU would answer. As one who believes strongly in the value of learning our own personal style, I appreciate the variety of choices represented in these ten teacups.

Here’s a link to the choices. Be sure to scroll down. Take a look and then come back and click on the poll below. It’s fun to read a little about British history during your decade of choice.

And feel free to leave a comment and tell us your favorite as well. While I wait to hear from you, I’ll be checking to see if any of the Polka Rose is showing up on eBay yet. Darling! Unfortunately, the website doesn’t do the color justice as represented in the print magazine.