This article was originally posted several years ago.  The problem is, the issue seems to have gotten worse.  Are we so self focused that we can no longer think of others?  Read this post, and comment.  I want to hear your thoughts


Yes, this is my question, and I want to hear from you in the comments, especially if you are someone who doesn’t RSVP when invited to an event. I won’t hold it against you, today all judgment’s suspended. I truly want to your help solving one of these mysteries of life!

At the time of this writing, I am seventy-two hours away from helping to host our Mom’s Night Out for our local co-op for homeschooling families. Here are my stats:

  • Seventy-four invitations were sent
  • Twelve people confirmed they were coming
  • Twenty-three answered they were not
  • Four women told me they weren’t sure
  • Thirty-five women told me nothing

This is a dynamic I find over and over and over again as an event planner. I do not understand when it became the hostess’ responsibility to track down her guests AFTER already extending an invitation.

As a hostess, I also wrestle with the question, “Can I bring something?” I understand potluck’s become the status quo in some circles, but when did it become the norm? I rarely receive hostess gifts or thank you cards anymore, however.

Is this a California dynamic, an under-forty dynamic, or mother of children at home dynamic? What do you think? Why don’t you RSVP or bring a hostess gift when you are invited somewhere? I honestly want to know what you think.