Stay at home moms know that extra income can be the difference between peace and stress in their household. Millions of moms are looking for ways to generate extra income and still be at home with their children each day. If you find yourself in this category considering your options, then this blog post about Children’s Tea Parties is for you!Children's Tea Parties

Children’s Tea Parties – What a Beautiful Way to Make a Living!

Offering Children’s Tea Parties can be a great way to earn extra money – or even a full time income. While household cuts are being made left and right, the “birthday party” has yet to be touched. Why? Because Americans believe a birthday is a special “Rite of Passage” and honors it as such.

As a planner of Children’s Tea Parties, your job is to host the event of a century and get paid to do it. How much fun is that?  

First, let’s make sure that you qualify as a party planner. The following questions will help you evaluate your potential.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I organized?
  • Can I keep kids moving in a positive direction?
  • Do I enjoy planning details?
  • Do I have a spot in my home (if your city allows it) that would be good for parties?
  • Would I be willing to travel to other people’s homes?

If the answer to these questions is “YES” then you may be perfect for this business. If the answer is “No” it is best to look elsewhere.

The KEY to great children’s tea parties

Children's Tea Parties
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Recently, we interviewed a Party Planner who specializes in kids events. Tammy suggested that every party planner needs a step by step system that they follow each time to the ‘T’. This insures that each guest and host has the same positive, well arranged event. “Making the party special is KEY” said Tammy of Elegantly Yours. “You have to make each child feel like this is the most exciting time in their lives. If they love it… mom will too.”

In addition to “good times” there are many items to consider when planning a kids party. Expenses, party price, upsell, location, photos, foods, costumes and more. If you can boil it down into a system which you repeat over and over again, the result can be a substantial help to your household’s bottom line.

Hosting a children’s tea party is not rocket science, yet we highly recommend a training system. Without a guide you can fall flat on your face. We always recommend working with someone who had been there and done it before you. If you are unable to work with someone locally than consider our Start A Children’s Tea Party Class.  Find out more with our free mini-course.

What is a children’s tea party?

Last but not least, let’s discuss what a Children’s Tea Party is. What do you do and why would other moms pay you to host this event?

A kids tea party can focus on little girls (such as a Princess Tea) or on boys and girls (like an Alice and Wonderland Tea). Children are greeted by the hostess and led through a 1 ½ hour party which can include storytelling, dress up, crafts, face painting or makeup, photos, tea and sweets (or punch and cake) and opening presents. At the conclusion of the event the children are ushered out the door, clean up begins and you are ready to host another tea party that afternoon!

Moms love the idea of a dress up party with no fuss, mess and no clean up. You benefit from low overhead and a creative income stream that makes moms and children (and you) smile!

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