Are you looking for a very exquisite black tea with impeccable flavor?  Why not consider  what the Chinese deemed only good enough for their emperors and noblemen: Yunnan tea. Throughout the centuries, Yunnan tea has earned the reputation as being China’s “noble” tea. With its soft, lush leaves and subtle, yet rich, robust, and peppery taste, your customers will find Yunnan tea irresistible. One whiff of its smooth floral scent will enchant anyone in close proximity.  (this is my all time favorite tea!)

Once brewed, Yunnan tea has a red-amber color. It makes a superb breakfast drink – perfect to serve with some tarts, biscotti, pancakes, or other sweet breakfast treats. Beginners can rest assured that that this tea is foolproof. Even if you happen to over-steep Yunnan tea, it will not produce a bitter taste in your mouth. It will taste wonderful served either hot or cold. A splash of honey, milk, or sugar will also compliment it perfectly.

Yunnan tea is grown in Southwest China in the province of Yunnan, an area with jagged terrain that is dotted with high mountains and curving rivers. The climate in Yunnan is mild, with a significant amount of rainfall throughout the year. This results in very fertile land for the growth and health of tea trees. The Yunnan province is unique because it is known in China as the homeland of tea trees. Because of this, Yunnan catapulted China into being a leader in the tea industry. Over 2,100 years ago, the aboriginal tea, known as “wild tea” was made in this area. Today, there are still 3 ancient types of tea trees that grow in the Yunnan province, and they are often spoken of as the “living fossils” of Yunnan’s tea plants.

Drinking Yunnan tea has been widely known to have a great deal of health benefits. For years, the Chinese have consumed this tea after rich meals to help them digest the food. Tests done in the 1970’s have proven Yunnan tea to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Yunnan tea contains no fat, no calories, and no carbohydrates. Clinical studies have also suggested that drinking Yunnan tea may help eliminate fat, reduce weight, and help people live longer lives.

There are many tea gardens in the Yunnan province of China. The “yun” in has the meaning of “cloud”. This is because most tea estates and gardens are at elevations of 3,000 to 7,000 feet above sea level. Recently, resorts have opened up in the Yunnan province, bringing tourism to this great tea area of the world. In May 2006, the Banyan Tree Lijiang Resort opened, and was immediately named one of the top ten luxury resorts for tea lovers.  At a resort such as this, visitors can enjoy Yunnan tea directly from the source.  

Any person craving the royal treatment – a relaxing morning with newspaper in hand and feet resting on a lounge chair – will enjoy a cup of Yunnan tea to accent the ambiance.


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